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Comprehensive Management in National and International Intellectual Property


  • Feasibility analysis and brand development

  • Management of application for registration and defense of distinctive signs

  • Custody, surveillance and validity control

  • Management of Oppositions, Appeals for Revocation and

  • Cancellations in defense of the legitimate ownership

  • Actions for cessation of use and seizure of products for use of trademarks

  • Representation before Customs for merchandise access control


  • Registration and maintenance management

  • Negotiation and management of restitution of domains due to trademark conflict


  • Feasibility analysis and classification of the work

  • Registration and representation management

  • Custody and Surveillance

  • Actions against unauthorized uses of the protected work


  • Search of national and foreign records

  • Feasibility analysis and strategic planning of international registrations.

  • Drafting of descriptive reports and preparation of technical drawings

  • Management of registration and defense of patentable matter

  • Management of Observations, Revocation Appeals and Cancellations

  • Actions against unauthorized use of patent


  • Comprehensive Advice and Representation for the protection of Intellectual Property in Civil and Criminal actions

  • Permanent support for private contracting, advice and drafting of contracts

  • Negotiation and advice on confidentiality agreements, Know How, professional secrets

  • Process of preparation and registration of Licenses and Franchises

  • Management of certificates and accreditations

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